Marketing automation for e-commerce growth

Increase revenue and grow your e-commerce store fast with multichannel marketing that engages customers
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Multichannel campaign for ecommerce

Reach customers where they respond best

Multichannel marketing campaigns automatically target customers where they’re most likely to open, click, and make a purchase. Carts Guru makes it easy to combine email, SMS, and Funnels into one cohesive campaign to maximize returns.

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workflow SMS Email ecommerce

Never miss an opportunity to make a sale

Our automated workflows ensure that you chase up every lead and convert every sale. In just a few clicks you can create and customize campaigns for the awareness, consideration, and after-care stages of the customer journey, then just click launch and we take care of the rest.

intuitive reports for ecommerce

Make effective
data-driven decisions

Analyze the ROI of your campaigns and track the growth of your business on your e-merchants dashboard. We provide you with relevant insights into orders, campaigns, website activity, and more so you can make informed decisions and grow your business.

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SMS Templates for ecommerce

Increase the lifetime value of your customers

Acquiring a new customer costs 5x as much as retaining an existing one. Get the most out of every customer you capture with consistent, personalized marketing campaigns.

Premium support for your e-commerce - Soporte premium para tu ecommerce

Boost your performance with the support of our e-commerce experts

Our team of experts is here to help you implement effective marketing strategies for your specific industry and unique brand: initial configuration, campaign optimization, and preparation for e-commerce events.

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Our account managers are very insightful and they present us with new opportunities that we can easily implement as part of our marketing strategy. Overall, it’s nice to be paying for a product that not only works but also has a great team behind it
Brent Baubach, CMO
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Integrate directly with the world’s leading e-commerce platforms

Manage marketing for multiple e-commerce stores from one Carts Guru account including Prestashop, Magento, and multiple Shopify stores.