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Frequently asked questions

What plan should I select?

The plan you choose should be based on how many customers you want to email, and the number of emails you want to send.

Many Carts Guru customers find that they like to automate communication to about 80% of their total contacts, but the usage is up to you.

Who counts as a customer in my monthly plan?

Any customer you send an email to in your billing period counts towards your plan. 

Contacts that you store, but do not interact with email during a billing cycle, are inactive contacts and do not count towards your monthly plan’s customer limit.

What if a customer's email address bounces or can’t be delivered?

The first time a customer’s email bounces, it will count towards your customer limit for that billing cycle. 

If a customer’s email address is incorrect or bounces, our system will add them to a suppression list, and will not email them again. They won’t be counted towards your plan’s customer limit in the future.

What happens if I use all the customer contacts included in my plan?

If you have email credits remaining, you can keep sending emails to customers you have already contacted. You won’t be able to reach new customers until your next billing cycle, unless you upgrade your monthly plan. 

New customers added to your campaigns will be skipped unless you upgrade your plan within 48 hours of reaching your customer limit.

What happens if I use all the email credits included in my plan?

If you use all your email credits for the month, your campaigns will be deactivated and emails will not be sent again until your next billing cycle. You can reactivate your campaigns by upgrading your monthly plan. 

Contacts queued to receive emails will be skipped unless you upgrade your plan within 48 hours of reaching your email limit.

Is there any commitment or contract?

The prices shown on this page have month-to-month flexibility. You can change your plan at any time.

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Messaging Limits


Free trials are limited to 3,000 messages in their 14-day period. The vast majority of Carts Guru trials are under this limit. Within the limit, you can experience all that Carts Guru offers while limiting abuse by illegitimate users.

What counts as a message?

Any email, SMS, or Facebook message sent through Carts Guru count towards the message limit.

What happens if I go over the limit?

I’ve added my credit card details
You will be automatically upgraded to a paid account, and your service won’t be interrupted. 

I haven’t added credit card details
Your account will be paused until you add billing details to unlock it.
Need more messages to see how Carts Guru will work for you? Contact us or send us a message from the chat when you’re logged into your account.

Can I increase my limit?

Need more messages to see how Carts Guru will work for you? Contact us or send us a message from the chat when you’re logged into your account.


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