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Estimate how many contacts you want to email per month
150.000 Emails
15.000 active contacts


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*Usable without time limit

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All plans include customer support to ensure you get the most of the platform
Service Basic
The essentials to get started with your marketing automation strategy
Service Pro
A dedicated expert will ensure the implementation of your campaigns and support you in key moments
Service Premium
An extension of your team to boost your sales and help in strategic decisions
Free trial included
150.000 Emails/month for 15.000 active contacts
Service Basic
Service Pro
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More than 1.000 customers trust us

“When you work with high-end products, storytelling is very important to generate sales. With Carts Guru, we can create super detailed and personalized emails. This is why I recommend the platform to any company in the same industry."
Eliot Privat, Marketing Manager at Atelier Tuffery
“A good ROI result, efficient service, a convincing trial period, and fast implementation. These are some of the reasons why we continue to use Carts Guru.”
Christie, responsable e-commerce at Lamazuna
“The abandoned cart campaigns produced results in a very short time. In transitioning from our old platform to Carts Guru, we were able to notice instant results by creating templates and selecting audiences to target.”
Maxime Hermetet, responsable marketing digital at Sobrico

All plans include

comunication multicanale
Multi-channel messages
Pre-built campaigns
Automated workflows
tableau de bord e-commerce
Performance dashboard
Advanced segmentation
templates personnalisables
Customizable templates
service client multilingue
Multi-lingual customer support
integration facile
Easy CMS integration

Messaging Limits


Free trials are limited to 3,000 messages in their 14-day period. The vast majority of Carts Guru trials are under this limit. Within the limit, you can experience all that Carts Guru offers while limiting abuse by illegitimate users.

What counts as a message?

Any email, SMS, or Facebook message sent through Carts Guru count towards the message limit.

What happens if I go over the limit?

I’ve added my credit card details
You will be automatically upgraded to a paid account, and your service won’t be interrupted. 

I haven’t added credit card details
Your account will be paused until you add billing details to unlock it.
Need more messages to see how Carts Guru will work for you? Contact us or send us a message from the chat when you’re logged into your account.

Can I increase my limit?

Need more messages to see how Carts Guru will work for you? Contact us or send us a message from the chat when you’re logged into your account.


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