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Use multiple channels to increase profits and reach your customers wherever they are.


Tailor special campaigns that are user-centric and informed by your customer’s needs.


Leverage the power of automation to engage customers at any time through multiple touch points.


Track the performance of your website with real-time e-commerce and campaign analytics.


Create dynamic and static lists and use customer timelines to understand and segment your audiences.


Deliver an improved customer journey with personalized templates for your multichannel marketing campaigns.

Frequently asked questions


In order to send SMS messages through Carts Guru, you need to have SMS credits on your account. These credits can be added manually by you or topped-up automatically when your credits levels get below a certain amount. We recommend setting up an automatic update as if your SMS credits reach zero or enter a negative balance your sending of SMS messages will be suspended. The prices per SMS vary depending on the country they’re sent in. If you’d like to see the SMS rates for a specific country, check out our SMS pricing.

What happens when my SMS credits reach zero?

When your SMS credits reach zero, you will be given two days to top up your account before your SMS messages will stop sending. Your automated campaign will continue, but it will skip any SMS stages in the workflow. To prevent this from happening, we recommend setting up an automatic recharge on your SMS credits.

What is Carts Guru?

Carts Guru is your all-in-one automated multichannel marketing solution, helping e-merchants build their online marketing strategy from the ground up. Carts Guru helps businesses reach out to old or lost customers and develop relationships with new potential customers, all in one place. It is the only tool you need to build and run a fully automated, personalized, multi-channel marketing campaign that will increase your revenue.

What is multichannel marketing?

Your ideal audience is made up of individuals, each of whom spends their time on different devices and platforms. When businesses create a single-channel campaign, they are accepting that they won’t reach everyone who doesn’t use that specific channel. With a multi-channel campaign, you can find your ideal audience no matter which medium they interact with the most.

Can I add multiple stores to my account?

Adding another e-commerce store to your current Carts Guru account is free and can be done in minutes. Click on "Add Website" in the sidebar and fill out the following pop-up with the relevant information. Don't hesitate to reach out to customer success agents if you have any questions regarding your current Carts Guru plan.

My store uses multiple currencies. How do you deal with this?

Many of our customers are global companies, so we are totally equipped for this! Firstly, we have ensured that all emails and messages are sent with the appropriate currency displayed. Secondly, once you select your reference currency, we adapt. Our billing is based on your reference currency, as are our dashboard and reports.

How does THE Carts Guru PRICING WORK?

With Carts Guru, you are charged based on how many contacts you have. On the pricing page on our website, you will see a calculator. Simply drag the toggle to the number of contacts you have and you will see how much you will be charged. Companies who have over 190,000 contacts will need to contact us for their pricing inquiries.

What credit cards do you accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and Maestro credit cards.

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