Automation Marketing Funnel Campaign


Send fully automated marketing campaigns that target your customers at the right time, on the channel they’ll respond best

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Make money while you sleep

Create a first-class campaign in minutes, click launch, and we take care of the rest! Your campaigns can be sent at a scheduled time, or automatically triggered when a customer joins a list or performs an action on your site such as:

  • Abandoning a cart 
  • Making a purchase
  • Failing to complete a payment
  • Leaving your website
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Marketing Automation segmentation

Split your campaign mid-workflow

With our extensive list of properties, you can split your campaign and make sure every contact receives personally relevant messaging. Properties to split your workflow include:

  • Contact’s country
  • Past purchasing behavior
  • Interaction with previous communications
How to create a Marketing Automation Campaign

React to your customer’s behavior

Use ‘back-up’ channels to maximize your audience reach. If a contact doesn’t open your email, you can automatically trigger an SMS or Facebook Message to find them on their preferred channel.

  • Automatically trigger alternate messaging channels if your initial message fails to send
  • Try another channel if a message is delivered but not opened
  • Use the successful channel for the remainder of the campaign
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No code required

Integrate directly with the world’s leading e-commerce platforms

Manage marketing for multiple e-commerce stores from one Carts Guru account including Prestashop, Magento, and multiple Shopify stores.


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