Segmentation List examples


Automatically enroll customers into relevant lists with smart-segmentation.

Win back campaign

Inactive customer list

When a customer doesn’t make a purchase on your site in a set amount of time they automatically move to your inactive customer list. Once on the list, reengage them with a ‘Win-back campaign’ including special discounts and deals to bring them back to your store.

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Marketing Automation Segmentation Example

VIP customer list

Once a customer spends over $(X) amount on your site or makes over (Y) total purchase, they will be automatically added to your VIP customer list. Then, use this list to nurture your regular and high-spending customers and build long-lasting brand loyalty.

Marketing Automation Cart Abandonment

Cart abandonment list

When a customer has abandoned a cart on your site, you know that they are interested in making a purchase. Retarget this ‘almost customer’ by automatically including them on a ‘cart abandonment list’ and sending them new products, brand updates, and maybe a discount to encourage that first purchase.

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Grow your audience

Use Carts Guru powered customizable widgets on your website to capture the contact details of unidentified visitors. We offer 5 different types of opt-in widgets to perfectly compliment your contact acquisition strategy, including for Messenger.

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Integrate directly with the world’s leading e-commerce platforms

Manage marketing for multiple e-commerce stores from one Carts Guru account including Prestashop, Magento, and multiple Shopify stores.


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