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Black Magic Supply sent 6778 promotional SMS messages that cost only $198 to send!
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Who is Black Magic Supply?

Black Magic Supply was founded to help individuals from beginner to expert enhance their fitness experience with high-quality sports supplements. Black Magic Supply takes pride in offering the best products at value prices, amazing customer service, and a first-class shopping experience for customers.

open quotes
“Our account managers are very insightful and they present us new opportunities that we can easily implement as part of our overall marketing strategy”
- Brent Baubach, CMO

“Carts Guru has added an additional 8.5% to our bottom line… we use this app for ALL our brands”

- Brent Baubach, CMO

Black magic products

The problem they faced

Black Magic Supply first found Carts Guru when they were looking for a solution to their high levels of shopping cart abandonment. They quickly saw results from a series of cart abandonment campaigns, then began exploring Carts Guru’s many other features.

Since then, they’ve had huge levels of success with our promotional SMS campaigns. They used these campaigns to keep their brand front-of-mind, and to offer customers special deals and discounts to bring them straight to their online store.

open quotes

“Our account managers are very insightful and they present us with new opportunities that we can easily implement as part of our marketing strategy”

- Brent Baubach, CMO

Black magic SMS example

The SMS campaigns they created through Carts Guru

Black Magic Supply has had amazing results with Carts Guru’s SMS marketing campaigns. Throughout the month of February 2020 they sent a series of SMS blast campaigns that shared the following characteristics:

  • They were all Time-Trigger campaigns, sent to all customers at a pre-determined time
  • They were sent to a list of all their contacts
  • They all included a special deal or discount to encourage customers to make a purchase
Example of triggers selected for campaign

The amazing results!

Black Magic Supply sent a total of 6778 messages throughout the month of February. These SMS cost only $198 to send and generated:

  • $5368 total revenue
  • An average of 27x ROI
  • 48x ROI on their must successful campaign


Black Magic Supply


Georgia, USA
Sports Nutrition
Promotional SMS
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