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Spent $768 on promotional SMS campaigns that generated $15,481 revenue!


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Who are Sports Wholesale Supply?

Sports Wholesale Supply is an online provider of health and fitness supplements. They also give customers daily tips on how to improve their diet and workout routines.

open quotes
“Carts Guru has added an additional 8.5% to our bottom line”
- Brent Baubach, CMO

“Carts Guru has added an additional 8.5% to our bottom line… we use this app for ALL our brands”

- Brent Baubach, CMO

Sports Wholesale supply products

The problem they faced

Before they started using Carts Guru, Sports Wholesale Supply was suffering from one of the most common e-commerce frustrations - high levels of shopping cart abandonment. 

They solved this issue quickly and easily with a series of automated abandoned cart retargeting campaigns, then started looking into Carts Guru’s other features to see how else we could help them grow their business.

open quotes

“Our account managers are very insightful and they present us with new opportunities that we can easily implement as part of our marketing strategy”

- Brent Baubach, CMO

How they solve the problem with marketing campaign and coupons

The campaigns they created through Carts Guru

Sports Wholesale Supply has embraced Carts Guru’s SMS marketing capabilities, with hugely successful results. 

Throughout the month of February they sent 4 SMS promotional campaigns that all shared the following characteristics:

  • Time trigger campaigns - automated to be sent to all customers at the same time
  • All contacts list - all campaigns were sent to all their contacts
  • Contained a special deal or discount
“Overall it’s nice to be paying for a product that not only works but also has a great team behind it”
- Brent Baubach, CMO
Example of triggers selected for campaign

The amazing results!

They sent a total of 44,457 SMS messages, which cost only $768 total to send! These messages generated:

  • $15,481 total revenue
  • An average of 20x ROI
  • 40x ROI on their most successful campaign


Sport Wholesale Supply


Georgia, USA
Sports Nutrition
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